Brooklyn Bridge | Engagement | Calvin + Schrise

They met at a fashion show in college in a sort of awkward project where they had to gaze at a stranger’s eyes. Calvin and Schrise were partnered up, and Schrise hated letting someone look into her eyes, but Calvin managed to make her feel at ease by making her laugh.

As Schrise said it best, the universe creates 360 degrees moments, and if we are not paying attention, we will miss it.

Even before meeting Calvin and Schrise, I knew that they were fully connected, inspired and fueled by each other’s love.

The day was cold and windy and Calvin was attentive to his girl. As we walked, he always made sure to check on Schrise and offer to carry her beautiful purse.

These two also have an amazing sense of humor. No one can make Schrise laugh at the drop of a hat the way he can.

Calvin and Schrise, thanks for trusting me to photograph your sweet love for each other. I am so glad our path crossed.

I can’t wait for my friend Manny from Montenegro Photography to capture their wedding day later this year.

Thanks to @mariacordovaphotography for assisting in this photo shoot.

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